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In a time of intense cultural and social change in Seattle and across the country, architects and designers are challenged to explore the ways in which their work intersects with the growth of grassroots and community movements, the changing conceptions of what cities can be and do, and renewed interest in formerly neglected places, spaces, and ideas. As we step back and reflect on our values, as individuals and as a community, we must reassert our commitment to civic responsibility. 

We have entered a climate of uncertainty and don’t yet know how the ongoing shifts will unfold.  Will there be an eroding of justice and equity, or a renaissance of civic action and fairness?  Will we leave people at the margins behind, or will we fight to elevate them?  Will our actions drive positive change, or will we be silenced?

From September 9-22, the Seattle Design Festival and the organizations of the Center brought together groups, organizations, and individuals from our region and across the globe to explore the POWER of design in our changing world.