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Community by Design: Main Streets

Community members all across our country are actively engaged in preserving the places they love. Historical spaces are part of our history and culture and create a unique sense of place that is important to our city’s identity. Through our Community by Design: Main Streets in a Changing America exhibit, we invited the public to be inspired by communities that have been successful in preserving the places they love.

Presented by the Seattle Architecture Foundation, the exhibit showcased the success stories of the Main Street America program and other revitalization models that have positively impacted communities across the country. The Main Street America program empowers community members to be change-makers, to leverage the power of place to develop desirable cities and towns emblematic of our uniquely American identity. This exhibit presented several unique case studies from small rural towns to more urban areas. We hope these stories encouraged people to take pride in their communities and become more active in saving the places that matter most to them.

To complement the exhibit, the Center for Architecture & Design offered related programs to help you become a change-maker in your own community.