Achieving and maintaining balance is essential for the well-being of our planet, our society, and ourselves. Our natural world provides the model: vast ecosystems that have evolved over millions of years to create symbiotic relationships that are in balance.

Yet our world right now is fundamentally out of balance. Human needs and desires relentlessly compete with the needs of natural systems. Whether we are weighing the impact of our daily decisions on the future of our planet, working towards greater equity in our cities, or striving for greater balance between our work life and personal life, we are in a constant state of negotiation.

Balance is needed for our earth, our communities, and our families, but how do we achieve it?

Design in Public presented the ninth annual Seattle Design Festival that had 80+ events and installations, citywide, August 16th – 25th, exploring how we design for BALANCE. As a part of the Festival, Seattle Architectural Foundation opened 22nd Annual Model Exhibit, Symbiosis, exploring BALANCE and encouraging entrants to explore the rich interplay between architectural design and civic life.