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The Seattle Architecture Foundation connects people to the architecture, design, and history of Seattle. We provide entertaining workshops, dynamic tours, educational seminars, and enthusiastic community advocacy.


Image: Lan Nguyen
Do you love outer space? What kind of structure would you want to see in our solar system? Would you want to float from one room or structure to another? Get ready to explore outer space and design your own structure in our solar system! Read More
August 4 - December 11, 2021
2021 is a year of aspiration. Emerging from COVID lockdown, we are ready to take a deep breath and consider our future. Aspiration means ambition and the act of breathing in. SAF’s 24th Annual Architectural Model Exhibit theme Breathe is meant to inspire submissions that reflect on this dual meaning: faced with the passing of an immediate crisis, how will we pause and rethink our world? When we do exhale, what new forms will we breathe into life? Read More