Join AIA Seattle’s Committee on the Environment for an interdisciplinary discussion on air quality, particularly in the Pacific Northwest.

The format is an active panel discussion where local experts from a cross-section of the design, construction, IT, and environmental certification industry, will present on the topic of air quality. For the third year in a row, the western United States was enveloped with hazardous air quality due to rampant wildfires; the Pacific Northwest being among one of the hardest hit locations. Events were cancelled, emergency room visits due to respiratory issues increased and life as usual was put on hold as the Western States turned into a version of the air apocalyptic scenes formerly only seen in places such as India or China.

This panel will systematically address what ADEC professionals can do to better understand, manage and design remediation approaches addressing indoor air quality.


Anjanette Green
Director, Standards Development, RESET, Shanghai, USA, EU, UK
Anjanette is co-author and Director of Standards Development for RESET, spearheading the world’s first certification program to utilize continuous monitoring to measure the health performance of the built environment. Anjanette consulted on the first certified RESET Air projects in the world and has been on the forefront of research and critical analysis of the health and well-being of building occupants for the better part of her career. Anjanette has 17+ years’ design and building experience and has been a team member with some of the most prominent firms in the world.

Anjanette is a RESET Senior Fellow, LBC Hero Award Recipient, Living Future Accredited, Living Product Assessor, Living Building Auditor, Declare third-party Verifier, LEED AP Specialty, USGBC IAQ WG, IWBI Air Advisory Group & Thermal Comfort Advisory Group, Mindful Materials Content & Review Working Groups, First LBC Ambassador in China and Peru, Fitwell Ambassador, Advisory Board Member ARC Amazon, Peru.

Sam Wright
Green Building Consultant, Säzän Environmental Services (SES), Seattle
Sam provides consulting services for public and private green building projects from concept through post-occupancy and takes a proactive approach to understand and advance clients’ sustainability priorities. Formerly serving as Technical Coordinator and Technical Manager for the Living Building Challenge at the ILFI, Sam developed and maintained the LBC program while providing programmatic support to project teams pursuing what has been touted the most rigorous standard of sustainability for the built environment worldwide. With this keen perspective, Sam is able to guide the creation of high-performance buildings that minimize resource use without sacrificing function or comfort.

Sam is a current Board Member of Reach Out to Humanity (ROTH) where he designed a diagnostic medical laboratory in Piave, Kenya and worked with the ROTH team to construct a laboratory and classrooms for a secondary school in Arusha, Tanzania.

Sam is cSBA, LFA, VMA and Certified Wilderness First Responder, NOLS

Ray Wu
CEO co-founder, Wynd, San Francisco
Ray Wu is the CEO and Co-Founder of Wynd, whose mission is to enable healthy spaces, so people can be at their best. Wynd has customers in over 80 countries and created unique technologies in environmental sensing, remediation solutions, and data-driven insights to improve indoor health.

Before founding Wynd, Ray was a Principal at Silver Lake, the largest technology-focused private equity fund. He also worked at McKinsey and served leading technology and life sciences clients. Previous to McKinsey, he was an engineer at Bose, Broadcom, and Analog Devices. Ray graduated from M.I.T. with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Collin Cavote
CEO, Biome US
Collin Cavote is a Udall Congressional Fellow for leadership in urban resilience and human health. He wrote a curriculum for, received accreditation for, and completed the nation’s first and only undergraduate curriculum in Biomimicry. Collin’s innovative research has led to commercializing NASA technology for implementation into botanical air purification system; today known as Biome and works diligently with top-ranked businesses and firms to provide modular and easy to maintain, living artwork,

A proud business school drop-out and down-shifter to off-grid living, Collin is driven to move the needle toward a sustainable future for all.

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Presented by AIA Seattle’s Committee on the Environment.