Mass Timber  is an emerging market locally, and the Mass Timber committee is bringing in a presenter with a growing portfolio in installing wood framing to share their experience installing new building products. This presentation will focus on lessons learned from the jobsite regarding materials, connections, and approaches that will provide the best value to the client who is contemplating a Mass Timber Solution for their next project. Seagate Structures, based in Canada, will discuss some of the designs and approaches that worked well, and some that fell short, using real-world examples.


Ralph Austin
President, Seagate
A licensed carpenter for over 35 years, Ralph has experienced all aspects of construction from laborer to project manager. Since the fall of 2013 when Seagate completed its first mass timber project, the MEC Head Office, Ralph has been steadily building a world-class team to position Seagate as the industry leader in mass timber installation in North America.

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Accessibility: Automatic front-door, front-row and accessible seating available, amplified sound, accessible stall. Please let us know in your registration how best to be contacted to discuss additional accessibility needs.

Presented by AIA Seattle’s Mass Timber committee. Contact Connor Descheemaker with any questions or concerns.