When there is not a lot of space, it sometimes requires us to build up. Skyscrapers are just one way to do that.  If you could design a fantasy-themed skyscraper or building, what would you build? How tall would it be, what materials would you use, and what type of activities or things could you do inside?

Designed with younger children in mind (ages 6-10), our family workshops encourage children and their caregivers to explore architecture through hands-on activities each month. Workshops start off with an exploration of exciting examples of architecture from around the world and activities that highlight the design process.  Then, the kids are off – designing and building their own structures in a whirlwind two-hour workshop that culminates in a group presentation. 

Please note: Family Workshops will require masks for all children and adults (no matter vaccination status), all those who are eligible for vaccination are required to be vaccinated to attend and show vaccination proof upon entry.  

Please contact Interim Program Director, Marina Szende at for scholarships.