City systems operate similarly to people. Much of the day is concerned with utilitarian, functional, and obvious needs. Budgets are allocated to potholes and traffic alleviation like paying rent and filling a pantry with groceries. The blueprint for the average city is largely shaped more by cost, regiment, and efficiency than whimsy and humanity. When moments of delight do exist, art is often corralled into commercial spaces such as advertisements or limited public art initiatives, unable to infiltrate the rest of city life.

DISCOVER + DISRUPT is a renewed call to balance in the way art functions in a city. Through the art-forward exploration of their own bodies of work, the artists envision a world where humanity’s desire for beauty, and exploration are met, balancing functional city systems with unexpected moments of whimsy and delight.

Electric Coffin is Seattle-based artist collaboration between Duffy De Armas and Stefan Hofmann. Exploring the intersection of art and commerce, they are fueled by a number of sources both material and ephemeral, these sources encompass knowledge, culture, and the physical remains of industry, mass production, communication, and commerce. They represent the highs and lows of human achievement–the sacred and the profane. They together create the combustible admixture that manifest into large-scale projects, installations, and objects.


Opening Night Reception | June 6, 6–8pm

Urban Transformations: the Power of Public Art Panel Discussion | July 16, 5–6pm

Exhibit Tour with Electric Coffin | August 1 5:30–7pm

Seattle Design Festival Georgetown Design Crawl Electric Coffin Open Studio | August 22


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