SAF is pleased to present Designing Beyond the Binary, a research project seeking to honor and better understand the lived spatial experiences of trans, nonbinary, gender nonconforming, and queer individuals and communities. Funded by Mithun, the researchers are conducting a national survey and semi-structured interviews to inform a set of actionable design tools to increase design knowledge and support designers in fostering greater gender inclusivity in built environment design practice. Please join this interactive presentation with Jake Minden and K Kaczmarek to learn more about inclusive design to foster equitable built environments for all queer communities.

FREE admission, with an option for suggested donation.

Wednesday, April 26, 2023 | 5:30PM – 6:30 PM | Tickets


Jake Minden, he/him

Jake approaches his project work and research through a lens of justice and equity. He is interested in designing spaces that are ecologically resilient, socially and culturally equitable, and aesthetically engaging. In particular, Jake is passionate about including queerness into his design practice and project outcomes. His work centers around public space, civic and cultural spaces, and community-led design processes with an emphasis on inclusive public life. Jake has a background in geography, environmental education, and gardening. He enjoys working at both the human and community scale and integrating data-driven research into the design process to improve spaces for personal, communal, and ecological well-being. Jake works best in social and collaborative settings where a common goal of equitable, positive impact drives design thinking.

K Kaczmarek, they/them

K is an interior designer who designs spaces by first considering the people who will interact with and use them. They work collaboratively with architects and built environment teams to create beautiful, barrier-free and inclusive spaces. K is passionate about equitable design. As a member of the transgender and disabled communities, they have a unique perspective on which spaces work and which spaces could be improved to serve all potential users. They are particularly inspired by bold, vibrant interiors that promote thinking outside the box.