The words “Rain” and “Seattle” are nearly synonymous with each other. For those that live in this city, each individual has experienced the beauty, chaos, and monotony that is Seattle’s rain. The characteristics of rain, whether it be smell, sound, touch, or the emotional feelings triggered, have shaped the built environment and ethos of Seattle. 

The AIA Exhibit “Because it Rains” examines the individuality of rain events across the United States and internationally to discover design responses to varying characteristics of rain. The goal of this panel is share stories and experiences of how Rain and its unique characteristics have shaped the built environment in Seattle today, and looking toward the future, how the today’s built environment can respond differently. 

Peregrine Church, Founder Rainworks 
Mónica Guzmán, Co-Founder & Director, The Evergrey 
John Sundstrom, Chef-Owner, Lark, Slab Sandwiches + Pie, Southpaw 
Jordan Zlotoff, Project Manager, Landscape Architect, Berger Partnership 

Laura Bartunek Assoc. AIA & Curator, Because it Rains M