The initial rollout of autonomous vehicles (AV) is predicted to begin around 2025, gaining public acceptance by 2030 & largely replacing non-autonomous vehicles by 2040-2045.

Many tout the AV as a silver bullet, allowing drastic reductions in car ownership and parking, electric vehicle fleets, “working commutes,” and so on. But an AV is more accurately described as a “disruptor” rather than a “silver bullet,” potentially increasing both sprawl and traffic, and eviscerating mass transit use.

We must shape our cities, regions, and policies to guide the use of AVs in a sustainable manner to minimize—among other things—the developmental sprawl they could enable. What are policymakers doing to prepare for and shape the impacts of AVs in our region?

Jonathan Hopkins, Executive Director, Commute Seattle
Evan Corey, New Mobility Program Manager, Seattle Dept. of Transportation
Darren Lamberti, Navya
Jerome Unterreiner, Principal, HOK

Dylan Glosecki, Architect, VIA

This event is presented by AIA Seattle’s Urban Design Forum and is a part of the Seattle Design Festival.