This year’s festival theme, EMERGE, seeks to inspire action, addressing the consequences of the pandemic to nurture new possibilities. Emerging is a process of adaptation, of transforming the way we interact, collaborate, and create. How can community-driven design strategies carry us forward? How will we emerge better?

This year’s festival will happen exclusively outside through our Block Party, a two-day street fair, August 21-22. Pending permitting, the 2021 Seattle Design Festival (SDF) will be hosted at Lake Union Park and will feature Built Installations and Pop-Up experiences from our community partners.

Call for Proposals are due May 7!

Seattle Design Festival
August 21-22, 2021



Our sponsors allow us to keep SDF free to the public, helping to unleash the design thinker in everyone. Learn more and commit as a 2021 SDF Sponsor on our website.

Individual Giving

In addition to sponsors, SDF relies on small donations directly from our community. Visit our donation page to learn about more ways to give.

Submit a proposal

Once the call for proposals launches, get your creative juices flowing! What opportunities for design do you see in your community? How can you work with others to respond?


Get the SDF dates on your calendar now! We’re counting down the days until we get to celebrate with all of you again.