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Design in Public celebrates all the ways that design makes life better in Seattle. We nurture relationships among designers, citizens, city leaders, and future-thinking business innovators. We catalyze change by supporting imagination, vision and participation in the creation of the place we all want to live. Design in Public is a strategic initiative of AIA Seattle.

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September 6 -21, 2018
The Seattle Design Festival features citywide tours, exhibits, outdoor installations, activities, interactive workshops and more from September 6-21, 2018. Read More
SEPTEMBER 12, 5:30 - 6:30 PM
When we buy a product, service, or, admission into an experience we trust that it will work for us. We often assume ease of access and equity. But what happens when experiences don’t work the way we need them to? Where are the breakdowns in the design process? What can behavioral economics, sex therapy, and philosophy teach us about exclusion and building trust? By unearthing why people trust and mistrust interactions with each other we can start to unde Read More
Join Architects Without Borders – Seattle project leaders for a discussion of diverse topics on navigating​ relationships​ between an AWB volunteer project lead and a community, including language barriers, managing expectations, and developing a program and project that meets the needs of the client and community. The most successful projects have the strongest trust relationship that goes both ways—we trust they know their needs, and they trust w Read More
The initial rollout of autonomous vehicles (AV) is predicted to begin around 2025, gaining public acceptance by 2030 & largely replacing non-autonomous vehicles by 2040-2045. Many tout the AV as a silver bullet, allowing drastic reductions in car ownership and parking, electric vehicle fleets, “working commutes,” and so on. But an AV is more accurately described as a “disruptor” rather than a “silver bullet,” potentially increasing both Read More